Hari Ramamurthy - CTO at Kuflink, Fintech Developer, Growth Hacker, LAMP Web Applications Developer

I am a commercially driven CTO, web applications developer, Agile coach (Scrum), Growth Hacker, Data Analyst with over 15 years hands on experience in building robust, scalable web applications. I am currently serving as the CTO for Kuflink (www.kuflink.co.uk), a UK based P2P lending platform. I am also a part of the core compliance team working closely with our legal experts towards a full FCA licence. Click on the link https://invest.kuflink.co.uk/invite/HR-1C2.

I have extensive experience in building Fintech (P2P / Crowdfunding / Secondary markets), e-commerce solutions, billing platforms, logistics and CRM applications. Some of the technologies I am proficient with: SalesForce, SugarCRM, OpenX (formerly PHP OpenAds), MEAN stack and Big data technologies.
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Software engineering experience (Update December 2016)

I am serving as the CTO for Kuflink (www.kuflink.co.uk), a UK based P2P lending platform. I have been a part of the core team since March 2016 and have shaped the company's technical infrastructure from the ground up. I have also been working closely with Compliancy Services and our team of legal experts towards gaining a full licence compliant with the new Artical 36H agreement as put forward by the FCA for all P2P platforms. The role is pretty varied and in addition to building the tech from ground up (LEMP stack on AWS), i have also been involved with some of the digital marketing / CRM (using Intercom) efforts. Starting as a one person department, I have made some key hires over the past few months to accelerate the growth of the platform in fields of technology, digital marketing and customer services.

Prior to Kuflink, I was the CTO / co-founder for an ecommerce venture, SimplyCook.com, a new and innovative way of cooking using SimplyCook's easy to use recipe kits. I was heavily involved in all technical aspects of the site, product development and growth hacking using a variety of marketing channels. SimplyCook is built on a customised LAMP platform and hosted on AWS.
Previous roles: LendInvest (CTO)
MadBid.com (Head of Applications / Lead Engineer)
Unanimis Consulting Limited - Acquired by France Telecom (Senior Analyst Programmer / Lead Programmer) FMC Marketing Limited (Senior Programmer) Quazzle Telecom (Junior Sysadmin / Programmer)

My method

I specialise in start ups. Start ups fail. The reason can be many: bad product choice, biased / improper research, change in the ecosystem, inefficient spend on team / technology / marketing efforts etc. Whilst it's difficult to predict the reason for failure, as founders and stake holders, some of the variables are within our control. Choosing the right team, speed of execution and data analysis in my opinion are key to building successful startups. Here are a few key areas as a business you should focus on:

  • Research - Collecting and understanding the right data should be at the heart of any startup
  • Start small - choose the minimum set of products that can get you off to a flying start
  • Recruit - As a CTO, I start as the lead programmer organising and building a team around me as time progresses. Remember, throwing more resource at the begining is not the solution at times, knowing when to hire the right people is paramount
  • Service - customers are the lifeline of the business. As a growth hacker, use tools / technologies available at your disposal to accelerate and simplify your marketing efforts towards your customers. Tools like Intercom, Trustpilot are powerful to help you build a robust backbone for your business and in time help strengthen your customer base
  • Data, your pot of gold - data rules everything. Collecting the right data and having an unbiased approach towards the findings is unquestionably the number 1 driver at any stage of a business
  • Technology - the choice of technology is important, programmers often get too technical and eventually dig a grave. Remember, technology should make the process easier, if it makes the process more difficult, you are better off the way things are!
  • Other areas of interest

    • Growth Hacking
    • Hadoop
    • Big data crunching techniques (Varnish log parsing, ram disk creation, load data in memory to perform analysis etc.)
    • Continuous Integration for PHP applications using Jenkins
    • Continuous software delivery
    • MongoDB
    • Current Development status!

      I am currently accepting consulting offers and freelance development projects on a selective basis. If you have any requirements for building highly scalable / robust web applications using a LAMP stack or, have a requirement for a Big Data consultant using Hadoop or are looking to implement Continuous Integration for PHP applications using Jenkins, feel free to contact me on [email protected] or call me on 07805 246 830. I also provide growth hacking consultancy (results driven) for startups using social media channels.