Web design London

Web design process

Designing a web site is the logical arrangement and creation of web pages. A web page is a page that is served on the Internet consisting of information for which the web site is developed. To design a typical commercial web site, you need to get the basics right. These include:

  • Informative content: the information on the site should be relevant to the site
  • Usability: the web site should be user-friendly, with an easy to use or navigate interface which should be cross browser compatible
  • Appearance: the text and graphics should follow a consistent style. The site should look professional and relevant to the product you are trying to promote through your site.
Design methodology: Every site that I design goes through a series of processes from the initial client liaison to the final hand over.
  • Step 1. The client provides an idea of the product that the web site aims to sell. The client can gather content, decide on a rough visual of the web site, colour combinations etc. If you do not have a logo, I can design that for you as well.
  • Step 2. Based on the information provide, I come up with a few ideas on paper, which are then converted to PSDs (Adobe Photoshop documents). The samples are then shown to the client for an initial feedback. Not what you are looking for? No problem, back to the drawing board!
  • Step3. Once we have passed Step 2, I am ready to slice the PSD images and I start creating the web pages. As mentioned earlier, all designs are CSS based conforming to latest web standards (Web 2.0 designs). A good designer is always well informed about the Internet industry.
  • Step 4. Upload to a test server for an initial run through. The site is then uploaded onto a test server and put through a number of tests like cross browser compatibility, lynx based text to see how a non style enabled browser interprets the site. The client reviews the site and can request any small cosmetic changes.
  • Step 5. Upload to the live server and client handover!

Web design costs

Depending on the requirements, number of pages and other additional services (web development, hosting, SEO etc.) the web design costs might vary. Typically a 5 page static web site including a contact form would cost around £399 including 1 year's worth web hosting and a simple logo. I would highly recommend this option for new businesses as this gets your business an immediate online presence. To discuss your web design requirements you can email me on [email protected].